Who Are We ?

Hélène Marineau

Born in France, Hélène Marineau has studied and worked in multiple countries, including France and the United States. For 25 years, she has taught in universities, American study abroad programs, and French Grandes Écoles.  

The international context of her teaching led her to include an important intercultural component in her courses that allows students to both comprehend the cultural dimension of the subject at hand, as well as the impact of their intercultural experience on their personal and intellectual development.

More generally, in an increasingly globalized world, Hélène has formalized her teaching of intercultural competencies, essential soft skills for all professionals in today’s world.

Francie Plough Seder

Francie Plough Seder was born in the US, and has lived half of her life in the States and the other half in France. As a result, her development of cross-cultural awareness has been both empirical and professional. Francie has spent all of her career in education-related professions, working with students of all ages. For over 15 years, Francie has worked in study abroad with a focus on interculturalism.

She helped found and directed a study abroad program for American students, and concurrently created a cultural mentor program for French and American students to learn about each other’s customs and traditions.

Having raised three bicultural children nourished Francie’s belief that the ability to navigate cultures leads to greater well-being.